ITHI Metric M1, Inaccuracy of Whois Data


The metric M1 tracks the Inaccuracy of Whois Data, by measuring the number of complaints validated in a given month. The compliance department of ICANN receives a number of complaints every month. Out of that number, some will be closed immediately, and some will be validated. When a complaint is validated, ICANN will send a notice to the registrar for the domain. We track the number of validated complaints by counting the notices sent each month. Since the number of complaints is expected to be proportional to the number of domains, the first sub metric is defined as:

For privacy reasons, we do not disclose the number of complaints per registrar. However, we measure the distribution by assessing two key points in the distribution of the data:

The metrics incoprorate reports from many registrars.

The following table provides the value observed for these metrics in the current month, as well as the average value over the 3 months preceeding this one, and the lowest and highest values observed since the start of the measurement.

M1 metric name Current value Last 3 months Historic Min Historic Max
M1.1: Number of “validated complaints” per million registrations. (?) - - - -
M1.2: Smallest number of registrars explaining 50% of complaints. (?) - - - -
M1.3: Smallest number of registrars explaining 90% of complaints. (?) - - - -

M1.1 = Number of “validated complaints” per million registrations

The following graph shows the evolution of the Inaccuracy of Whois Data metric M1.1 Whois Data metric M1.1 over time. This metric is measured on a set of registrars.